Other Services and Prices

Domain Name Registration - $10/year
The first step to getting your business online is chosing and registering an available domain name.
Domain Name Set-up - $15
If you're trying to move your site to a new server or have registered a new domain name for your site, service or blog and need it to be set up to point users to the right place, we'll handle it with same-day service.
Move to a New Hosting Service - From $25
Have you noticed your host nickle-and-diming you to death? Did they offer one thing and serve up something less? Do you feel stuck? You can move your site, email, databases to a new server, and we can help recommend a better service. If you host with us, this service is free.
Unlimited email addresses @yourdomain.com - $20 set-up + $10/month
If you don't need a website but would like to have a professional email address that isn't turning off customers like a free webmail address, or would like your staff to have their own email addresses for intraoffice communication, this plan is just what you need. Includes maintainence and new accounts set up within 48 hours. This service includes a single-page placeholder site for your domain which could feature your logo, address and phone number.