Payment Options
If you're just starting out or are looking for new customers, you might not have the budget to risk on a new advertising outlet. We can help you get on the web without a down payment.

12-month Plan- For any package deal, take the down payment price, divide that by ten and add it to the monthly payment. That's all it costs to get your business on the web.* No contracts** or early termination fees. If you decide being online isn't worth it, cancel any time. (Conditions and limitations apply for graphic design services***)

Ecommerce Site Percentage Plan - You've been thinking about selling your products online and you have products to sell. If having an ecommerce store seems like a risk when you're barely paying the vendor bills as it is, try the full service Ecommerce Site Percentage Plan. You don't pay us until your site pays you*. Depending on the type and price of products, projected volume of sales and the services we provide such as photography and data entry, we will negotiate a percentage of your sales and a time period that works for you. We handle everything except your customer service, payment processing and shipping (although, our consultants can even handle that.) Since our payment depends on your success, you know we'll work hard to create effective advertising programs and use every tool and method we have to drive business your way.

*Does not include advertising costs **6 month contract required only if Its Cory Designs creates a new logo for your business. ***After 12 months, ownership of the domain name is transfered to the client. Client owns all code and copyrights to the website and graphics immediately upon first monthly payment.