What can your website to do for you?

Websites can be so much more than some text and a few pictures. Is your website just sitting there? If your website could do anything, what would you want it to do?
  • Have fresh content that’s easy to add, update and change?
  • Keep everyone up to date with calendars with upcoming events and RSVP functions?
  • Build a community with message boards?
  • Allow better customer service with online ordering and reservations, live chat or organized “support ticket” system?
  • Show a map and give detailed directions?
  • Generate printable coupons?
  • Show a live video feed?
  • Display a catalog or sell your products directly online?
Your website could do all this and more. If you have a website, let us turn it into something more. If you don’t have a website, all you need is a good idea and we can turn it into a web presence. Get website functionality for a better customer experience, and fuctionality to streamline your business and save you money.

information sites • resumes and portfolios • contact information • mailing lists • steaming video and audio • coupons • maps and directions • social networking sites • user-generated content • message boards • online tech support and customer service • ecommerce storefronts • calendars • online ordering • scheduling and payroll • data access, back-up and recovery • mailing lists and newsletters • website parking/mini-sites/domain name sales • online menus • affiliate marketing and commission sites • blogs, journals and online magazines • customer feedback • traffic analysis/sales tracking • user-edited wiki site • flash games • downloadable content • data aggregation • subscription-based site access • live chat • automated phone and text alerts • photo and video galleries • professional email • multi-media marketing • family websites • online gradebooks/assignments/lectures • ebook publishing and sales • personal pages

What can your website do for you? What can we do for your website?
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