It's Cory Designs - Graphic Design Studio

Use our creativity and talent to get your message out. Whether you need a logo designed, some advertising put together or a back-lit sign over your door, we can create something you'll love, we'll do it for a great price and we can do all your leg-work. We'll come to you to discuss your needs and you'll never have to set foot in a print shop again.

The graphics you use show the public the personality and style of your business and we will design the projects, exactly how you need them, beyond your satisfaction.

Come to us for as much or as little graphic design work as you require and we'll produce quality work, sending you samples, ideas and mock-ups and adjusting the project on-the-fly based on your feedback and needs. (We're artists here, so we love creative liberties, but honestly, our favorite design jobs are ones for ultra-particular clients.) Our already-low prices go down for loyal clients so let us become your very own design and print shop and save money with every new project you need.  

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