What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is implemented with purposes and needs in mind. It is guided by many diciplines including language, philosophy, art, literature, architecture, economics, politics, science. psychology and even ethics.

Graphic design is the most common and pervasive of all the arts. You see and touch graphic design hundreds of times a day, every time you look at a sign, read a newspaper, pick up a box, can or jar from the store or look at your dashboard. The parking ticket you got and the credit card you used to pay it are both examples of graphic design. Almost everything in your wallet too, for that matter.

Junk mail, government identification, computer icons, graphical user interfaces, stamps. From the missing apostrophe in the "DONT WALK sign, to the bold contrast of the Giants "SF" logo, people carefully design countless things we see, read and experience every day. For you? Logos, websites, business cards, ads, signs, tags, receipts, invoices, brochures, scheduling forms, name tags, training manuals, menus, post cards, uniforms. I'm sure I've missed a few dozen... 

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