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What we accept:

We will pick up any of your computer-related waste in any condition, working or not. Burnt out, obsolete, short circuited, bent in half or good as new, your waste will be removed from your home or office to be reused and recycled for a cleaner inside and a cleaner outside.

 A/V Equipment
 AC Adaptors
 CD/DVD Drives
 CDs and DVDs
 Cell Phones
 Computer Cases
 Cooling Fans
 Copy Machines
 Digital Cameras
 Expansion Cards
 Fax Machines
 Floppy Drives
 Hard Drives
 Ink Cartridges
 LCD Panels
 Machine Screws
 Memory Cards
 Mobile Phones
 Mp3 Players
 Musical Instruments
 Network Cable
 Networking Hubs
 PDAs/Palm Computers
 Pointing Devices (Mice)
 Power Cords
 Power Supplies
 Small Batteries
 Sound Equipment
 Toner Cartridges and Drums
 Videogame Consoles

What we do not accept:
 Aluminum Cans
 Auto Parts
 Biohazardous Waste
 Car Batteries
 CRT Televisions
 Glass Bottles
 Household Waste
 Kitchen Appliances
 Plastic Bottles
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