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Why we do it:
 Computer monitors, CPUs, perhipherals and parts can be full of lead, arsenic and other substances that are harmful to the environment and ground water. For years, people and companies have been throwing out electronic equipment into their trash cans and dumpsters to be sent to landfills. With technology leaping forward and coming down in price every day, imagine what damage could be done as we all switch to flat screen monitors, high definition televisions, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray players, faster computers, finer printers, smaller cell phones, lighter laptops and smarter PDAs if we just tossed the old ones in the landfill.

 As of 2003 it became illegal in California to throw away computers and electronics in curbside cans and dumpsters due to the Electronic Waste Recycling Act. In February of 2006, compliance with this law went from unenforced and voluntary to mandatory. Businesses and individuals can be punished with stiff fines for dumping this new classification of waste into the regular trash.

 Many obsolete or broken computers and parts can be used to repair or replace the equipment for local non-profits and underprivileged students. In today's world, it's hard to get by without technology, and those who find computers and electronics prohibitively costly can find themselves at a steep disadvantage. Together, we can see to it that local non-profit organizations and less-fortunate students get free computers, printers, technology upgrades, networks and even training and tech support.

 Many drop-off computer recyclers destroy everything that comes in and do not reuse working computers and parts. We feel this is just a terrible waste. Reusing non-obsolete parts, or replacing parts in broken computers from other broken computers saves the energy and human-power of processing the old materials into the raw materials and then into the new materials at recycling plants. Repairing other computers with these parts also keeps would-be electronic waste out of the waste stream.

 You benefit with worry-free disposal and a clutter-free space. Local non-profits benefit with free computers, equipment, repair and tech support. We all benefit from cleaner water and soil and a healthy environment.

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