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Pick-up fees are based on weight and location. There is no extra fee for pick-ups in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Windsor or surrounding unincorperated areas. For other locations in Sonoma County, a nominal travel charge is added.

0-30 lbs.$15
30-100 lbs.$20
100-200 lbs.$30
>200 lbs.$7.50 per 50 lbs.
FREE pick-up
Check out how to waive your pick-up fee.

Monitors do not count towards total weight and are charged a flat fee of $8 if by themselves or $2 each if included with other waste. Ink and toner cartridges from printers, batteries* and cellphones** are accepted at no extra charge with your pick-up and do not count towards the weight.

*Standard consumer batteries such as AAA, AA, C and D, rechargable batteries such as those found in laptops, cell phones and Mp3 players. Automotive batteries not accepted.
**Cellphones are donated to The Wireless Foundation's "Call to Protect" program, giving a lifeline to survivors of domestic violenece.

Call to Protect

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