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Free Pick-up:
Reusing computer components and fixing broken devices is at the heart of Green Circuits. Why recycle it when you can reuse it? With this in mind, we try to encourage recycling and reusing by offering discounts for those who are getting rid of computer equipment that can still be of some use to someone.

Your pick-up is free with any of the following:
Any condition, working or not:
 Any Laptop, Notebook, Portable or Tablet PC
 Any Desktop with Most of Its Parts, Circa 2000 or Newer
 Any Server with Most of Its Parts, Circa 2000 or Newer
 Any Mainframe
 iPod Brand Mp3 Players
 Macintosh Computers, G3 or Newer
In reasonable working condition of any age:
 Memory Cards 32MB or larger
 Digital Cameras 1Mp or larger
 Video Cameras (camcorders)
 Mp3 players
 CRT Monitors 19" or Larger
 Any LCD Monitor
 Name Brand PDA (Palm, iPaq, Newton etc.)
 Motherboards 1Ghz or Faster
 Wireless Keyboards and Mice
 Laser Printers
 Laptop Batteries and Power Adapters
 Video Cards 64MB or Larger
 5.1 Surround Sound Cards
 Home Automation Devices
 Hard drives 60GB or Larger
 Laptop Hard Drives 30GB or Larger
 SDRAM, 256MB or Larger
 Sound Mixing Boards
 Stagelighting Controls
 Networking Hubs, Switches, Routers

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