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  • Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

    A restaurant’s page could be as simple as a few pictures, a short write-up, an address, phone number and menu, and just having that information available to the world could help you bring in customers by giving them a taste of the ambiance and enticing them with descriptions of dishes, not to mention helping them find the place and knowing you’re still open for another few hours.

    Imagine your website doing more. What if your customers could make reservations right online? What if they could place take-out or pick-up orders by clicking on your menu, see the order is correct before they submit it, then your website faxed or emailed the order right to you instantly? Informative websites have the tendency to be informative exactly once, then there’s little reason to go back. What if you could keep your customers excited to visit your site again and again to check for new coupons, upcoming events or daily specials? What if your kitchen was turned into an online reality show by having a live web feed of all the excitement, or if you have a patio with a picturesque view, a live camera of the sights they could be enjoying? If they’re consistently coming to your site, seeing your great menu and having your logo etching itself into their minds, it won’t be long until they’re back in their favorite booth ordering their usual.

    A website can also help the administration of your business. Staffing will be simpler when your staff can view their schedules online, request time off, trade shifts with each other or pick-up emergency shifts. Have your important files available online no matter where you are, or use your website for data storage and back-up for cheaper than other data recovery services. Access your office computer from any browser (don't worry, it's secure) and take care of your ordering, scheduling,

    What is your website doing for you?

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