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    If you have rental properties, you probably spend a lot of time making sure your rentals are vacant as little as possible.  What if your website could save you time and money? What if your website could help fill rental units faster?

    With 3D virtual showings, you can make an impact that a few pictures and a short description can’t match, plus you can save time and money by having fewer in-person showings and open houses. It will look amazing, it’s easier than you think, and it’s cheaper than having one of your apartment managers spend an evening waiting for drop-ins. Imagine a website that allows potential renters to apply online, then streamlines the credit check process for you. Now imagine how much faster your vacant units could be filled with this shortened turn-around.

    If you have multiple buildings and multiple property managers, you’ve probably experienced the headaches of tenant complaints and repair requests. “Why is this taking so long?”, “He won’t return our calls.”, “We slid a note under his door.”, “It slipped our mind. It is on the top of the list for tomorrow.” You’ve heard all this, and worse. With a numbered “trouble ticket” system, tenants can make repair and grievance requests or just warn you that their rent will be late. For those tenants without internet access, the system can still organize repair jobs and keep everyone in the loop. Each “Trouble Ticket” can be updated with notes such as the date a job will be completed, the materials needed for a job and even the costs of the materials.  Think of how useful a standardized “paper” trail would be. Having all this information in one place is useful for making sure you, your employees and your tenants are on the same page and jobs are getting completed in a reasonable amount of time. It will make book keeping a snap, you’ll have more than a few hand-scribbled notes when going to court and you will even be able to keep track of which tenants are a little too rough on their apartment.

    Is your website working this hard for you?

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