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  • Non-Profit Organizations

    If you run a non-profit, you're used to working magic and getting things done with a shoe-string budget. You may not have profit as a goal, but your organization needs two things to thrive: People and Money.

    A website can be a useful tool for non-profits in ways you might not have imagined. Of course, there's getting your message out there to the world, but what if your website did more? What if in addition to your message, there was a call-to-action for donations? What if donations could be made right from the website? What if your website could help you organize your staff and volunteers, and even help you recruit more people? What if the community could not only learn about the service you provide, but could apply for your services without having to print a document or spend money on a stamp? What if the community always knew about your upcoming events and beautifully-designed email newsletters kept the community and your organization on the same page.

    We offer discounted rates for NPCs and NPOs, and may even be able to design or host your site for little or no cost. Contact us if you'd like a website that works as hard as you do. Check out Dorrough Consulting if your non-profit needs more than just web design services. On-site and phone tech support, repair and set-up, computer training and dozens of other services, all at a discounted rate.

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