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  • Restaurants, Bars, Cafes
  • E-commerce, Online Stores
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Property Management
  • Service and Labor
  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Service and Labor

    CPAs, massage therapists, home daycare centers, caterers, party planners, midwives, handymen, landscapers, window cleaners, photographers, freelancers, house painters, mobile mechanics, consultants, beauticians, music teachers, life coaches, therapists, personal trainers, tutors and anyone who provides a service directly to the public can benefit from having a quality website and a focused ad campaign.

    You went out on a limb and went into business for yourself, and one self-employer to another, you have our respect and our thorough understanding of both the feeling of liberation and the stomach-churning stress that being your own boss brings.

    You offer a service and you’re good at what you do, so now it’s time to find a cost effective way to bring customers to you. Do you ever get the feeling that most of your Xeroxed advertizing gets thrown in the trash? Does your “word of mouth” advertising seem like it’s getting tongue-tied? What if you had your own professional website and a professional you@yourdomain.com email address? What if your website let potential clients find your service, read what you can do for them and made them want to give you their business?

    Imagine a house cleaner in Oakland or a Christmas light installer in Orinda advertising with Xeroxed fliers and business cards. Each advertisement can cost a few cents each, and the vast majority of them will end up in the trash. If these people put those few pennies per advertisement towards Google advertising on the keywords “Oakland House Cleaning” or “Orinda Christmas Light Installer”, they’d likely save money, get more customers and save a lot of walking around putting those fliers on porches and telephone poles.  The ads only cost money when actually clicked and anyone clicking is only seeing that ad because they are searching for your service in your neighborhood. You can see that online advertising with well-crafted ads and carefully thought-out keyword choices can be both effective and cost-effective as a way to grow your business.

    A website alone will help a lot, but if It's Cory Designs builds your website and you hire Dorrough Consulting for your advertising and our work doesn’t bring you in enough new clients to offset our fees, you just pay for the website and our consulting is free of charge. If a website seems out of reach because of the initial investment see the ‘payment plans’ link on the "How much is a website?" page to see how our flexible payment plans can help you get online affordably.

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